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Example Firework Show using Black Bull Fireworks Products!

This is just a sampling of our product line in this category. Please visit our various locations for full inventory.


One for the Money

One For The Money is a great snack size assortment for the family! With great variety of ground effect items, it is safe enough for everyone yet offers a lot of excitement to have.

Star Power

This major sized assortment is the best for those who are looking for a shine. Star Power, a safe and sane assortment, brings the family together with some great fireworks and hours of fun!

American Envy

With top-notch world class fireworks products, this assortment will fill you with american pride. The exotic colors, long durations and thunderous cackles will leave you speechless.


Not adding this tray assortment to your order is like not picking up milk and bread when you go to the store. It's a deal of all deals, fully loaded with everything you need to keep everyone happy from young to old. As one of the top selling assortments in the country this one fits every budget. Loaded with smoke, sparklers, pop pop snappers, fountains, 200 gram cakes, saturn missile batteries and reloadable artillery shells it is truly a must have. OVER 50 FUSES!!!!!

Big City

A great assortment filled with artillery shells, multi-shot aerials and fountains. Everything you need to bring the Big City Display to your backyard!

Super Pyro

A great fan favorite family pack. Multi-shots to light up the sky, artillery shells, fountains along with novelty items for the kids.

Pyro Blast

If Super Pyro is a little too much for you, step it down to the Pyro Blast. We’ve packed it with the very same great variety…a little something for everyone.