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Example Firework Show using Black Bull Fireworks Products!

This is a small sampling of our product line in this category. Please visit our locations in person to view our complete product line, especially during the 4th of July season, as we are extremely busy and cannot check stock or prices. Also please note that all locations do not carry the same products.

Featured brands include Red Rhino Fireworks, Brothers Pyrotechnics, Winda Fireworks and Black Cat Fireworks.


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Federal Agents Series

You'll regret it if you run from the law this time! With giant brocade crowns, blue peonies, red waves and green peonies with red strobes you're in good stead with the powers that be! Video


white glitter+red/blue; green glitter+purple/blue; white glitter mine to red/green/purple comet; white glitter mine, silver tail whistle; white glitter+Ti golden palm+red/green/blue; brocade crown+chry. Video


You can bet that Bite Your Tushy will leave a lasting impression on your audience! Twenty-four shots of awesomeness erupt in red, green, silver, yellow, blue and pink explosions as they whistle into the sky. Great to add to any display or as a centerpiece to your celebration!


Red Crackling chrysanthemum with red tail. Then a crackling chrys with white tail. Last crackling blue chrys with red tail. Finale is all effects in a running fire. Video


5 Shot - Red wave and brocade with red peony.


Effects: Red, blue and lemon dahlias to strobes, finale of golden strobing willows.

Angry Beaver

Don't get mad; get the Angry Beaver! This dazzler woos audiences with red, green, orange and pink brocades that transition into glitter that sparkles through the sky. Crackles tip off the presentation and will leave each spectator anything besides angry! Video


Kill off any hopes of a dull display with the Executioner! This 9-shot wonder pierces the night sky with yellows, reds, blues and white glitter in various aerial effects to create a crowd-pleasing spectacle. Create a show that murders the rest! Video

Global Warming

The entire neighborhood will be on alert with Global Warming! With 200 grams of powder power, Global Warming offers up bursts of red and white glitter in star and chrysanthemum patterns. The aerial effects are stunning, and your audience will be dazzled with the impressive pyrotechnics in the sky! Video


6 Shot - Super hard breaking massive neon shells. Video


Just like looking into a Kaleidoscope! Eight shots of colorful perfection light up the night sky with sparkles and twinkles in this smaller dazzler. In this case, very good things come in small packages! Video

Special Forces Series

A super elite selection of the finest 9 shot cakes will give your party a special boom, boom, boom.

At it Again

There you go: you're At It Again! Never backing down from a great celebration, this 9-shot beauty will inspire spectators with green, purple, blue, silver and gold aerial effects that light up the sky. You won't let anyone down with this dazzler in your display. Video

Ba da Boom

Blow away the competition with Ba-Da-Boom in your celebration! Fill the sky with 20 shots of red/yellow/blue and pink/green bursts erupting into glitter dazzlers that will amaze your audience. You are ensured a booming good time with this one. Video

Think Twice

Silver chrysanthemum mine to red, green, sky blue, lemon, purple, white glitter, silver chrysanthemum mine to red, green, skyblue, lemon, puple, white glitter to silver chrysanthemum. Video

3 Pack

A great three pack. Three great cakes, each with 20 shots can be sold together or separately to give your customer a great selection. Chili Pepper: Golden tails lead to alternating red and green coconuts spice up the night. Roadshow: 20 shots of crackling chrysanthemums flood the sky - taking you for the ride of your life. Jaw Breaker: Twelve shots of bright yellow morph into red, blue and green; followed by eight shots of beautiful purple stars and amazing scatter crackle; with a finale of scatter crackle, vibrant yellow stars and amazing crackling tails. Video

BC 48’s Color Pearl
Scorpion 16 shot

Watch your step! With this 16 shot wonder you get red, purple, white and yellow coco palms with a tremendous palm and crackle finale!

On Target

14 shots of color-tipped brocade including red, green and yellow! It's spot on!

Wild Bill

16 Shot - Round cake with whistling crackling tail to red and green. Video


Watch as it goes by - carmine pearls with silver glitter, green pearls with red glitter, orange pearls with green glitter, blue pearls with silver glitter. Three shots of orange pearls with crackling and a three-shot finale of pink pearls with crackling.

Luck’O the Irish

Feeling lucky? These ten shots of green tails to silver brocade to alternating red and green stars and a final two shots of delayed crackling should help you out.

Firework Fiesta

Put a little south of the border sparkle into your event with our Fireworks Fiesta, a colorful and crackling 200 gram cake. This repeating firework shoots off 96 blasts of color pearl, crackle with bouquet, crackle with comet tail, and whistle. This product may look small, but when it comes to leaving a lasting impression, it is s muy grande! What a great choice in fireworks to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Fiesta, or another cultural event of your choice in sparkling style. You’re going to love it! Video

Jamaican Thunder
Color Pearl 96 shot

A bright and colorful new look on an ol' classic. 96 red and green pearls leap into the sky.

Zombie Nation

Red blue white glitter, purple orange green glitter, blue gold glitter, red blue mine with gold glitter. Video


Red, green, blue, yellow and silver palm trees and crackling. Video

Party Foul

Sky blue and red dahlia with silver chrysanthemum, purple and lemon dahlia with gold chrysanthemum. Video

Picnic Pack

Ketchup: Red pearls with white strobe, Mustard: Red coco palm with crackle, Relish: Blue with chrysanthemum. Video


Red star and crackle, Green star and crackle, Yellow star and crackle, Blue star and crackle, Purple star and crackle. Video

Walkin’ Dead

Red tail up to red star and green star, Green tail up to red star, green star and crackling star, Red tail up to red star and chrysanthemum. Video

All Silver Salute

Brocade palm and white glitter, Gold willow and white glitter, Brocade crown to silver star. Video

King Slayer

Red tail up to big gold palm, Red tail up to blue star & white glitter with crackle, Green tail up to brocade palm, Red tail up to blue star & white glitter with crackle, Red tail up to orange star & red star with white glitter, Red tail up to blue star & white glitter with crackle, Green tail up to pink star & green glitter, Red tail up to blue star & white glitter with crackle, Red tail up to bloody red star & white glitter, Red tail up to blue star & white glitter with crackle, Crackling tail up to crackle. Video


Red and blue chrysanthemum mine, Red palm and chrysanthemum, Yellow palm and chrysanthemum, Silver palm and chrysanthemum, Purple and green palm, chrysanthemum and whistling. Video

Allied Invasion

Red tail up to red palm, Green tail up to titanium flower crackle, Blue tail up to blue star and white glitter. Video

Gator Attack
American Outlaw

Red palm tail up to red palm and white glitter, Red palm tail up to green palm and white glitter, Red palm tail up to brocade and white glitter, Red palm tail up to purple and white glitter. Video

Desert at Night

There's nothing more beautiful than the Desert at Night. Starting out as a fountain shooting sparks high into the air, this seven-shot stunner lights up the night sky with vibrant colors and various aerial effects. Create a breathtaking display with the Desert at Night. Video


All the chicks will dig Luna Chick! Red and blue bursts explode into white glitter brocades, lighting up the night sky. Brighter than the moon, this nine-shot, 200-gram stunner is a great choice for any celebration or display. A definite crowd pleaser! Video

Garden in Spring

This 200 gram repeater has 7 shots of bright and repeating colors and report that will be a must have for your show!

Uptown Funk

100 Shots of intense color pearls and crackling tails!

Killer Alligator
Poker Face

Be sure to deal yourself in with Poker Face! This 200G Multi-Shot will dazzle you with bright glitter mines, palm and glitter effects and crackling star. Video


Integrity/Honesty begins with a red tiger to sky blue with green and red glitter followed by green tiger tail to white glitter with green and gold. Video

Top Maverick

Brocade crowns, horse tails and gold willows with white and green strobes or crackles. Video

Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai 200 Gram aerial cake; 16 shots of neon colored bouquets w red, lemon and white strobe. Rare and incredible performance for a cake this size.

Wild Horses

Sea blue with red plum. Green with red plum. Teal with red plum. Pink with red plum. Yellow with red plum. Video

Eye Candy

Beautiful sea blue/lemon/orange/green dahlias with timerain pistils, all with color tails. Video

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