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Example Firework Show using Black Bull Fireworks Products!

This is a small sampling of our product line in this category. Please visit our locations in person to view our complete product line, especially during the 4th of July season, as we are extremely busy and cannot check stock or prices. Also please note that all locations do not carry the same products.

Featured brands include Red Rhino Fireworks, Brothers Pyrotechnics, Winda Fireworks and Black Cat Fireworks.


10 Ball Assortment

This roman candle is a must have for every location. 10 shots of alternating brilliant color. Great color, great performance for a great price! Video

BC Gatlin Pack

8 candles consisting of 2 pieces of 4 different types of candles, plus a launch tube! Video

Pimp Stick

4 Pack - 8 Ball large roman candle assortment - Magic sky is color chasing stars Whistling Dragon is loud whistle ending with loud bangs Sky Thunder is color tail with loud bangs Blue Thunder is blue stars with loud bangs. Excellent Assortment. Video

Black Jack

Black Jack deals up a fun 4 pack each with a different effect: 1. Gold palm tails. 2. Silver palm tails. 3. Silver glittering willows. 4. Lemon palm tails and red pearls. Video

10 Ball With Report
120 Shot Camo Pack

The 120 Shot Camo Pack is loaded with great effects including red star; green star; blue star; purple star; crackling; and reports. Video


Shoot fire with the Flamethrower! This massive candle will light up your party! Video

Suicide King

Suicide King is a 4 pack of medium-sized candles.

Tactical Cannon

Plan to please with Tactical Cannon! Effects include red star and crackle; green star and crackle; silver star and crackle. Video

Boom Bomb Candles
Pink Panther
Stun Gun

This candle has it all. One huge roman candle loaded with 146 shots! Red, green, yellow, blue, purple, lemon, silver and crackling effects! Color pearls, bangs, screaming whistles and crackle. Video

Bubba Blaster
Beast Candle
Flashing Thunder
Big A$$ Candle

The biggest candle you've ever seen! And you read it right, 660 shots, with multiple colored pearls and silver chrysanthemums.

Bubble Blaster