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Example Firework Show using Black Bull Fireworks Products!

This is a small sampling of our product line in this category. Please visit our locations in person to view our complete product line, especially during the 4th of July season, as we are extremely busy and cannot check stock or prices. Also please note that all locations do not carry the same products.

Featured brands include Red Rhino Fireworks, Brothers Pyrotechnics, Winda Fireworks and Black Cat Fireworks.


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Bros. Anniversary Combo

Baby Boomers: Golden willows and crackling flowers, Firefly: Red, silver bouquets and blue stars with crackling flowers, Hydrogen Bomb: Whistling tail to crackling flowers, Saturday Night Special: White, green and red comets; white, green and red comet tail burst into white, green and red bouquets; gold and silver flying fish; silver spinners; whistling tail with reports; comet tails to crackling bouquets. Video


1. Red tails to bouquets, Silver tails to bouquets, Blue tails to blue stars, Green tails to red, blue and silver glitter, Gold tails to brocade, Purple tails to delayed crackling, Whistling tails to crackling flowers. Video

Hot Head

Spider flower with red and blue peony, Golden tail to gold palm tree with silver time rain, Silver tail to silver palm tree with gold time rain, Brocade crown with blue star, Red star with strobe. Video

Two Minute Firework Show

Description: Paced to provide a long-lasting display featuring several different effects, including: color, crackle, and a multi-shot finale. This cake lasts so long, even the designated shooter can enjoy the show. Video

Big Man

Multi-colored stars, Yellow and crackling stars, Purple and green stars, White stars, Blue crackling stars. Video

BC Quad Power

Red, green, blue and purple pearl, Silver, green, red and blue palm, white glitter and crackles. Video

Triple Break Finale
Bent Rail

You won't get bent out of shape with the Bent Rail. This 47-shot monster features multiple brocade crown effects in white glitter, red, green, purple and yellow, along with a whistling finale. Delightfully unpredictable and lengthy, this is a must-have element for any celebration! Video

Crazy Exciting on Steroids

A sixteen shot 500 gm cake which has performance from the ground up to 200 feet. Red, white, green, white crackling mines emit showering sparks ascending up into red, green, silver waves with a quickened finale of 4 shots of huge crackle bursts. Video

One Bad Mother 3

A sixteen shot 500 gm cake which has performance from the ground up to 200 feet. Red, white, green, white crackling mines emit showering sparks ascending up into red, green, silver waves with a quickened finale of 4 shots of huge crackle bursts. Video

Black Dynamite

This 500 gram wave cake comes packed 1/1 and is loaded with performance. 150 shots of crackling comet tails with red, green, yellow and blue time rain make this cake a must-have. 75 shots at a more slower pace and a finale of 75 shots quickened. Don't bother counting, we already did... Video


The attack begins with red, white and blue tails to white bouquets and blue stars. It's OpenFire with gold tails erupting to gold willows, whistling tails to red and green palms, white flashes and whistles ending with crackling tails to crackling flowers. Video

Texas Straight Shooter

Just when you thought you've seen it all! This new twist on a 3" 9 shot cake isn't twisted at all! It's straight and it's Texas sized! Powerful and loud multi-colored tipped willows! Video

Suitcase Bomb

An explosion of multicolor sizzling comets with a powerful brocade finale. Video

Big Block V-8

Get revved up with eight big shots of brocade crown, red and green wave and silver cocos all shot in a V-shape. Impressive. Video

Killer Instinct

Rapidly z-fired brocade crown with multiple colors. Intense!


Whistles, red and green palms, flashing. Twelve-shot finale. 36 Shots!

War Machine

Red, blue and lemon brocade crown flares rapidly z-fired then giant breaks of red, blue and lemon brocade crown as a finale. 312 shots of machine-like pyrotechnic perfection!

American Outlaw

Red palm tail up to red palm and white glitter, Red palm tail up to green palm and white glitter, Red palm tail up to brocade and white glitter, Red palm tail up to purple and white glitter. Video

Assorted Combo Cakes

The Freak: Crackling mine up to-purple star and crackling comet; red umbrella and delay crackle; green umbrella and crackling comet; green palm and delay crackle; red and green star with delay crackle. Fright Night: Crackling mine up to-silver chrysanthemum with red and green leaves; brocade and red glitter; silver chrysanthemum with red and green leaves; brocade and green glitter; brocade with red and green glitter. Frat Party: Crackling mine up to-red umbrella and green glitter; brocade; green umbrella and gold glitter; brocade and red glitter; brocade and crackle. Electric Avenue: Crackling mine up to-red palm and delay crackle; sea blue and gold glitter; green palm and delay crackle; lemon and purple star with green glitter; crackling palm. Video

Red Light

Green tail up to purple tail and green star with red glitter, Red tail up to sky blue star and red glitter, Brocade and red glitter, Red glittering mine with silver spinner, Brocade with red glitter and crackle, Red glittering mine with whistle. Video

Show in the Box

Iron flower fountain, Vampire blood mines, Ocean blue multi-shots, Three color changing finale. Video

Step Mutha

Alternating gold willow, Crackling flower, Quickened final four shots of gold willow. Video

Top Shelf

Purple tiger tail, purple dahlia with lemon, red and blue mine, Silver tiger tail, brocade crown with blue stars, red and blue mine, Gold spider with blue stars, red and blue mine. Video


Gold brocade crown with green stars, Green wave with chrysanthemum, Red dahlia with green strobe, Blue peony with titanium rain crackling, Gold willow to red whistling, Finale with chrysanthemum crackling. Video

Powder Keg

Blue, gold, red and silver palms, Green, red, purple and blue pearls, Green leaf, green and white glitters and crackles.

Da Big Box O’ Bomb

Atom Bomb: Crackling tail to red crackling stars; green and blue bouquets, Hydrogen Bomb: Whistling tail to red, green palm with silver and whistles; whistling tail to crackling flowers, Neutron Bomb: Comet and flashing tails to bouquets, stars and flying fish, Cobalt Bomb: Whistling tails to palms with flashing and whistles. Video

USA Strong Series

The USA Strong Series includes 4 different 9-shot 500G cakes - 1. Marine Corps Special. 2. Army Ranger. 3. Force Recon. 4. Infantry Regiment Video

Outlaw Bullets

Outlaw Bullets are maximum size ball inserts that produce huge green strobe breaks with red glitter and crackle. Video

Dark Days

Your nights will be anything but dark with a beautiful 16-shot silver glittering tail rising up to red-blue peonies and a white crackling strobe with a glorious 3-shot finale. Video

Blond Joke

All kidding aside, Blond Joke has some seriously awesome effects - alternating red crackling stars, green bouquet with crackling tail and blue bouquet with crackling tail. Video

Crossed Up

Crossed Up is a 16-shot with red, green, blue, yellow and purple cross-ette. Video

Polar Storm

Polar Storm is a 9-shot that will light up the sky! Effects include sky blue with silver strobe; purple and green with silver strobe; red and lemon with silver strobe. Video

Lock Down

Lock Down is a 12-shot with effects that won't escape you! The line-up includes red tail rising up to red and sea-blue to purple and green peonies to red, blue and white strobes with a 3-shot finale. Video

Thirsty Thursday

One, two, three - they just keep coming! Each time this fan-shaped cake fires one more shot with a bright tail! Each shot breaks into a large color burst. Video

Storm Chaser

Storm Chaser is a 16-shot that thunders in with a corn willow tail to silver coco with red strobe/crackle, green strobe/chrysanthemum and green strobe/red strobe. Video

Critical Mass

This 12- shot will make a massive impression starting with a crackling tail rising up to red, green, silver, coco, and crackle with a 3-shot finale. Video

Terminator Assortment

The Terminator Assortment offers three different 15-shot fireworks that'll make you feel like you're in a movie! Video

Evil Clown

There's nothing bad about this Evil Clown! Crowds will be more than just humored by this 9-shot beast with its big and loud blue, lemon, purple and green glitter aerial effects. The 2-shot finale will leave your viewers dazzled by your display. Video

American Riders

No riding off into the sunset required with American Riders. This 53-shot brute explodes into overlapping red, blue, purple and lemon brocade crowns that shimmer through the sky. Whistle effects and dahlia crowns add to this lengthy display that is great all on its own or with other products. Enjoyment rides high with this stunner. Video

Trigger Happy

Trigger Happy with please the crowd with red sparkler, lemon sparkler; grass-green sparkler and lemon sparkler; and a brocade crown finale. Video

Dirty Little Secret

The truth is out - Dirty Little Secret will captivate your audience with big whirly tails and vibrant colors with falling leaves. This one's a real show-stopper! Video

High Def

You won't believe your eyes when you light up High Def! An amazing variety of brocade crowns, flying comet tails and colors highlight this 500G, 16-shot stunner that will blow your audience's mind. You'll see the difference between High Def and "normal" fireworks with just a glance! Video

Rebel Blaster

Rebel Blaster will put on a show that the crowd won't soon forget! Effects include brocade tail up to brocade palm and crackle with red umbrella; brocade tail up to brocade palm and crackle with blue umbrella; brocade tail up to brocade palm and crackle with purple umbrella; brocade tail up to brocade palm and crackle with green umbrella; and a grade finale with brocade tail up to brocade palm and crackle with white glittering umbrella.

Loyal to None

Loyal to None firework finale is another top-selling 500G cake from World Class. It contains the top five effects in fireworks. Thirty-three shots traveling approximately 150-200 feet are represented by stars, crackle, fish, pearls and chrysanthemums. Loyal to None has a huge 3-shot red chrysanthemum finale. This has been a long-time customer favorite for its unique effects and long duration. Video

War Machine

The War Machine has arrived in an 8-piece massive barrage pack! The entire package is a delight for all pyro fans and will produce all the bangs, whistles, hummers and colors you could want in this big party piece. This firework is a big display in a box! Light one fuse, stand back and enjoy this spectacle. Video

Second Amendment

Second Amendment is second to none! Effects include brocade crown tail to brocade with purple and orange; brocade tail to brocade crown with sky-blue and lemon; brocade crown tail to brocade crown with red and green; and a glorious finale with crackling mine to red and blue stars and glitter. Video

American Glory

Celebrate in style and please the crowd with American Glory. Dazzling effects include red palm with white glitter; sky-blue with white glitter; red, sky-blue and white glitter; silver whistling tails; red glitter and silver fish; brocade crown; silver chrysanthemum; and a big 3-shot finale of brocade crown, lemon, sky-blue and white glitter. Video

Search and Destroy

Search and Destroy accomplishes its mission to captivate the crowd with a rapid-fire rotating sequence of white glitter mines to red, blue and flash crackle; purple, green and flash crackle; green, blue and flash crackle; pink, sky-blue and flash crackle and a finale barrage of all four effects at once. Video

One Hundred Dollar Cake

This cake is legal tender for all shows, public and private. With all new effects including cyanine dahlias with white strobe mines; blood-red, green, sea-blue and yellow palms with green strobe; and red strobe willow and time rain, you'll be sure get the maximum bang for the buck! Video

Two Minute Neon Show

This is one of the longest-lasting 500G cakes in the industry and as a special bonus, it's all neon! Laser-blue, vibrant green and violet peonies lead to blue and silver fish ending with red, green, blue and purple peonies with crackle!

1000 Gram Finale

The name says it all with Black Cat's 1000G Finale! Crowd-pleasing effects include red comet; green comet; yellow comet; green comet; crackling comet; gold glittering mine with red, green, yellow, blue and purple star; and a finish with red and green star with gold glitter. Look no further for your grand finale! Video


When it come to the competition, THAAD will effectively search and destroy! Please the crowd with dazzling effects including zigzag shooting of red, white and blue tails and big-time rain chrysanthemums. Video


This 3-inch cake is always a crowd favorite that has entertained people from coast-to-coast. Performance consists of 9 shots of brocade crowns that finish with various colored tips including green, yellow, red, and blue. A massive 2-shot finale lets the spectators know that the show is over. Migraine is one of the best selling products in our 3-inch/500G cake line and is sure to be a favorite of yours, as well. Video

Pig Skin

Get in the crowd-pleasing game with world-class Pig Skin! Effects include red palm, green palm, white glitter sparkler; blue sparkler, white glitter sparkler, brocade crown; and a crackling finish. Video


When it comes to pleasing the crowd, there is no match for Predator. This 27-shot keg is packed with eye-catching effects including purple, blue, green and lemon; bloody red, lemon and blue; red glittering mine to gold crackling willow; green glittering mine to gold crackling willow; brocade crown to white glittering with blue pistil; brocade crown, white glittering with red pistil; and a finale of silver chrysanthemum, red and green glittering. Video

Givin Back

Givin' Back is a 9-shot that gives a LOT to your fireworks display! Effects include multi-colored chrysanthemums with stars. Givin' Back is a great value! Video

El Toro

You'll put on a grand display with El Toro in your line-up! Effects include red, blue and green tipped brocade and dragon eggs. Video

Alien Uprising

Put on a show that is out of this world with Alien Uprising. Eye-popping effects include red glitter; green glitter; silver glitter; carmine pearls; purple pearls; and lemon pearls. Video


Pandamonium offers an amazing final cake that comes 2 per case! Beautiful gold strobing tails transition to color tails and large breaks of brocade. Silver strobing tails, crackling color tails, and color crackling willows finish the show. Video

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