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Example Firework Show using Black Bull Fireworks Products!

This is a small sampling of our product line in this category. Please visit our locations in person to view our complete product line, especially during the 4th of July season, as we are extremely busy and cannot check stock or prices. Also please note that all locations do not carry the same products.

Featured brands include Red Rhino Fireworks, Brothers Pyrotechnics, Winda Fireworks and Black Cat Fireworks.


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Assassin is a beast of a break in brocade crown, purple peony and green glitter with silver wave and green peony. Video


Mesmerize your audience with Magic! This stunning 16-shot masterpiece features multi-color brocade crowns and chrysanthemum effects that crackle and light up the night sky. It's almost like magic how mind blowing this bad boy is. Perfect for your crowd during any celebration or event! Video


12-shot Kaboom features purple lemon with sea blue dahlia and white glitter, orange with purple dahlia and green glitter and bloody red ending with grass green and gold glitter. Video

Massive Willow
Naughty Nurse

Spice up your night with this naughty delight! Gold stars with crackling bouquets lead up to a climactic ending with multi-colored shimmering bouquets. Video

Black Cat Dragon Fist
Wine O' Clock

Wine O' Clock features double comets with sea blue and peach green followed by neon stars with red plum blossom and white stobe. Finale is gold willow with blue. Video

The Most Glorious

The Most Glorious 500 gram 12-shot cake features silver spinner shots and sea blue, pink and yellow breaks. This is a one-of-a-kind cake! Video

Broken Silence

Broken Silence is a 16-shot featuring red tail rising up to red, green and blue dahlia and white strobe with a 3-shot finale. Video

Iron Wolf

Iron Wolf features red dahlia with silver chrysanthemum mine, red dahlia with sky blue, violet/lemon and purple/green dahlia. Final 4 shots are red/sky blue and lemon dahlia with silver chrysanthemum. Video

Nice Rack

Nice Rack is simply beyond description - the finest ever seen!Video

Huge White Strobe
Chasing Booty

You'll find the pirate's full treasure chest when you buy Chasing Booty! With 24 shots of sky blue, red, white, green, gold and silver brocading bursts in the sky, the crackles and reports will delight all viewers. This will be the treasure of your show! Video


Poser is a 25-shot fan cake featuring meteor rain. Video

King of Pirates

King of Pirates is a daytime firework with red and blue smoke and lots of crackle. Video

Black Cat Palm Party

Effects include: Yellow, red and crackling star; white glittering star, white star, green leaves, blue palm star, green, blue, gold glitter star; purple star, green gold red palm star; and green glitter star.

Aerial Extravaganza

Aerial Extravaganza is a 500 gram shell with white glitter, gold glitter willow, green glitter, silver comet with tail, blue brocade, red comet with tail, red crackling, gold willow, and green and white flower. Video

Fortune 500

9 giant colored chrysanthemums will shake the foundations from Wall Street to your street!


Believe features brocade with red glitter and brocade with green glitter. Video

Nuclear Destruction
Mother of All Bombs

This finale rack by Winda features the Nishiki Kamuro, the longest hanging willow effect available. Each of the 9 shots breaks into beautiful long-lingering gold strands with a color pistil. Video

Battle Cry

Nobody will miss your display when you let loose your Battle Cry! Bursting from a 9-shot shell base, silver glitter waterfall aerial effect create a spectacle in the night sky that will amaze any audience. Don't miss out on this great display piece. Video

Evil, Wicked, Mean and Nasty

Evil, Wicked, Mean & Nasty is big and bad, but it's all good for your celebration! Blue, red, green, orange and white glitter explode through the night sky in brocades and dahlia effects that will blow your crowd's mind. This big and loud product belongs in your next celebration display! Video

Wheel in the Sky

These large breaks produce great color-changing rings that rotate around the break - a great finale! Video

American Anthem
Black Cat Chameleon

For those who want bold, big, and brash, Chameleon by Black Cat fits the bill - huge breaks of half-and-half color balls surrounded by towering brocade rings. Video

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