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Example Firework Show using Black Bull Fireworks Products!

This is a small sampling of our product line in this category. Please visit our locations in person to view our complete product line, especially during the 4th of July season, as we are extremely busy and cannot check stock or prices. Also please note that all locations do not carry the same products.

Featured brands include Red Rhino Fireworks, Brothers Pyrotechnics, Winda Fireworks and Black Cat Fireworks.


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For Goodness Snake

125 shots of unique silver swimming snake effects with hissing sounds and a serpent-inspired finale of aerial breaks with color peonies.Video

Out With A Bang

Out With A Bang offers a big build-up with Z-shaped alternating rows of silver wave to blue stars, gold comet tails and crackling comet tails. Next comes rows of whistles and a BANG of five simultaneous shots of brocade and a five-shot finale of time rain crackling. Total of 295 shots. Video

Make America Great Again
Whisky Business

Whisky Business features gold palm tails to gold palm, kiku, gold willow or Nishiki kamuro with falling leaves. Video


Rock out with 12 big shots of alternating red, green, yellow and purple stars each of which slowly changes to a silver glitter effect. Video

Big Mother Clucker

Fun name matches fun performance of giant silver spinning flowers firing at various patterns and angles! Spinning silver sparks break into eye-catching red and blue dahlias. Video

Bangin' Hard

Multi-layered and fully worked, Bangin' Hard is a bangin' good Black Cat display. Blue and white glitter mines erupt with each sequentially fan-fired shot, with hand-breaking palms and titanium chrysanthemum to top off each straif. Bangin' Hard proves that they do make them like they used to! Video

Alpha Male

Alpha Male features a 3 inch 9-shot finale rack with HUGE breaks! The display includes a brocade crown with white glitter, brocade crown with green glitter and brocade crown with red glitter. Box has a stunning 3-D label. Video


When this mammoth cake spreads its feathers, it will leave 180 shots of golden waterfall with colored tips flying in the sky. The Peacock firework is a unique and special finale piece. Video


Megawatt is charged with alternating rows of red stars, silver stars, blue stars, red stars to crackling silver stars to crackling blue stars to crackling, silver glittering comet tails, silver wave, and whistling comet tails. Next comes six simultaneous shots of brocade. Video


Frontlines features 56 shots including: brocade crown mine; golden glitter sparkler mine; brocade crown; blue dahlia sparkler; silver wave purple dahlia sparkler; and red crackling chrysanthemim. Video

Black Cat Neon Peacock

This angle-firing peacock struts its neon colors, shooting off a rainbow from peach, yellow, purple, green and sky blue to red. And just when you think that the rapid-firing is finished, this big bird treats you to a golden mine burst and glittery finale. Video


Redline is a beautiful 108 shot zipper cake! Video

Cold Killer

Cold Killer is a 128-shot fan cake with rich colors and wide performance. Features include: Purple tail; green tail; red tail; blue tail; orange tail; neon orange with crackling; blue mine to red tail whistle; blue mine to green tail whistle; and golden Ti willow with brocade crown and chrysanthemum. Video

We Will Rock You

220 Shot - We Will Rock You is a fast-paced show of red, green, yellow and blue crackling stars zipping back and forth across the sky and ending in a huge finale of noise.Video

Bad Boy

220 shots of Red, White, and Blue - a truly patriotic performance.Video

Mass of Fire

Mass of Fire features: Red to silver chrysanthemum crackles; green to crackles; sky blue to crackles; whistling red crackling willows; green crackling willows; and red, green, blue with crackles.


Goooooal has an intense effect. 102 shots of special red, green and lemon strobing comets followed by red green and lemon tails to crackles with red plum blossom.

USA Conqueror

USA Conqueror features waving shots of color, crackling and whistling tails alternating with big breaks of multi-color glittering willows. Double level display doubles the pleasure! Video

War Hero

The War Hero features silver glitter followed by red and blue sparks with silver glitter. Video

One Bad Mother-In-Law

She's a mean one! This in-law you'll actually want to invite back time and again. This 16-shot 500 gram cake shoots over 32 different colors into the sky in a huge display of colored willows and hair-curling crackles. Video

Black Cat Shark Bite

This shark sports a mean bite with delayed crackling mines leading the charge upward to big, sizzling bursts. Video

The Yeti

The Yeti features: Purple and green dahlia and crackling; orange and green dahlia and crackling; crackling mine to rose red and sky blue star and silver jellyfish; finishes with orange and sky blue and green peony and crackling. 25 shots. Video

Chicken on a Chain

Chicken on a Chain is a 12-shot 500 gram cake. This cake features huge chrysanthemum single color breaks in distinct colors of Red, Yellow, Green and Silver. A great label and catchy name make this one of our more popular 500 gram cakes. Video


Merica features 16 shots with red comet tail; red to blue plus chrysanthemum; golden willow to multi-color; golden willow to crackling; red to white glitter; blue to white glitter; green/sky blue plus red wintersweet; golden willow to multi-color; and chrysanthemum. Video

Black Flag

Black Flag features bursting brocades with Red, White, and Blue strobes; gold palm with purple, blue and green strobes; and a 4-shot finale with assorted colors. 16 Shot. Video

What a Blast

What a Blast features: Teal, magenta, yellow dahlia and grass green; gold brocade crown and sea blue; sea blue and yellow dahlia; red dahlia and orange; gold brocade crown with white strobe; and gold brocade crown with gold strobe. Video

Black Cat Blue

Celebrate honor and valor. Welcome your beautiful baby boy. No matter what the occasion, celebrate right with royal blue mines and glittering blue stars.

Blood Hound

Blood Hound features deep blood-red tail to ruby dahlias with white strobes and a LOUD crackle finale! Video

Utterly In Love

Utterly in Love is a 12-shot repeater fireworks cake featuring blue and green mine up to blue to colors stars. Video

Sexy Rider

This inexpensive 9-shot 500 gram cake packs some punch and has one of the most vivid red effects that you will ever see. These 2-inch shots also include colored waves, glitters, and peonies. Video

Party Bus

Climb aboard the party bus with 42 shots of color peony with lace pistil, crackling willow with color strobes, gold kiku with green strobes and a finale of massive brocade crowns with colorful falling leaves! Video

Black Cat Combat Zone

Fire when ready! 120 shots of tracer and sniper fire featuring sparkling comets, colorful mines with brocade tails, and sparkling whistles, followed by a zinging finale of rainbow mine with brocade tails, palms, and crackle. Video

Truckin Home

Truckin Home fireworks are gigantic and long-lasting with 119 shots which ascend with color beads, brocades, chrysanthemum, powerful crackles and reports. Video

Serve Three Inch

Serve 3" features: Half green chrysanthemum with white glitter; half red palm and half green palm with white glitter; half brocade and half blue to white glitter; and half brocade and half red to white glitter. Video

Protect 3 Inch

Protect 3" features: Half red and half blue with crackling; half purple and half green with crackling; half brocade and half golden willow; half red and half green with brocade ring; half orange and half green with brocade ring; and half red chrysanthemum. Video

Jellyfish Aquarium
Ghost Shell

Each shot triple-changes - green, lemon or blue to ruby to silver brocade. These are weird ghost shells! Video


Warpath features: Gold tail to gold pine needle with red stars; gold tail to gold pine needle with green stars; gold tail to gold pine needle with blue stars; gold tail to gold pine needle with white glitter; and gold pine needle with red stras, green stars and blue stars. Video


Amped is a 500 gram repeater featuring blue tail rising up to brocade crown and red, green and blue peonies with a 3-shot finale - all mega bursts. 16 shot.Video

Time Travel

Time Travel features: Red peony with crackle; white strobe; blue peony with crackle; brocade crown to red tips; brocade crown to blue tips; red blue bahlia; and blue dahlia with white strobe to time rain. Video

Black Cat Born Country

Rounders features color tails to awesome breaks of brocade to blue/purple with strobing color pistils. Video


Fury is a 9-shot featuring red tail to multi-color dahlia and a finale of 3 king brocades to red with crackling rain.

Proudly We Hail

Red/white/blue threads various effects including falling leaves, three-layer mines, peonies, chrysanthemums and willows. Finale of red time rain willow with blue pearls and white strobe. Video

Sweet Justice

Sweet Justice features a unique color-changing plum blossom. Each break transitions from silver to red. A true beauty! Video


Absolution is a 16-shot featuring red tail rising up to red, green and blue dahlia and silver chrysanthemum with a 3-shot finale - all mega bursts. Video

21 Gun Salute

21 Gun Salute features 21 large breaks with great color - a definite "must have" item for any backyard display. Video

Black Cat Neon

Truly neon, truly impressive! Big, Bold, Bright blasts fan the sky with fast and furious neon brocades and pistils. Let it rip! Video

Drone Strike
Say What???

Say What features: Purple, green palm, white glitter, sky blue, red, crackling, whistling, brocade crown, green glitter, red, green, blue, white glitter, and silver chrysanthemum. Finale includes red, green, purple, lemon dahlia, white glitter, and silver chrysanthemum. Video

Double Barrel

Double Barrel has 24 shots and features flower wave tail to gold palm with green blue star and flower wave tail to gold wave and chrysanthemum. Video

Black Cat Hawk Attack
Crazy Creatures

This is a classic Brothers cake that pyro lovers go crazy for. Features include green glittering stars, silver glittering tails, crackling flowers, and an 8-shot finale of whistling tails and crackling flowers. Video

Metal Flake

Metal Flake features: Yellow palm tree to red palm tail with silver glitter; purple palm with green glitter; yellow palm tail to red and silver glitter; golden and green glitter; red and green glitter; and a 4-shot finale of crackling mine to rain chrysanthemum. Video

Breaking Bad

Blitz starts with fountain effects of silver crackle with red sparks, silver crackles with green sparks, then turns to fan shoot fountain to titanium sparks to snow chrysanthemum with red stars. Blitz ends with high shot breaks of red, green, blue peony with silver chrysanthemum. Video

Evil Jester

Evil Jester features: Crackle with red comet tails; crackle with green comet tails; crackle with silver comet tails; crackle with pruple comet tails; and crackle with orange comet tails. Video

Holy Smokes

25 shots featuring: Sunglow glitter red, green dahlia; sunglow glitter, sky blue, lemon dahlia; sunglow glitter, green, orange dahlia; sunglow glitter, green glitter; and sunglow glitter and chrysanthemum.

Grave Digger

The Grave Digger puts all the rest to shame! You can't find a better mix of colors and rapid-fire aerial effects than this beast. 30 shots blast through the night sky, exploding into a phenomenon only capable by the Grave Digger. A must-have for an unforgettable show. Video

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