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Example Firework Show using Black Bull Fireworks Products!

This is a small sampling of our product line in this category. Please visit our locations in person to view our complete product line, especially during the 4th of July season, as we are extremely busy and cannot check stock or prices. Also please note that all locations do not carry the same products.

Featured brands include Red Rhino Fireworks, Brothers Pyrotechnics, Winda Fireworks and Black Cat Fireworks.


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Blood Sweat and Tears

Effects: time rain tail to blue palm+green glitter; silver glitter mine to silver glitter waterfall; time rain tail to golden glitter+blue/green; 3 stage scream; time rain tail to brocade crown+crackling. Video

Black Cat Willow

This 10 shot aerial is very impressive! Just like the name says this multi-shot shot shoots huge, yes huge gold willows. A long time favorite. Video

Black Cat Liquid Sky

Red star & white glitter, Lemon star & purple star, Green star & gold glitter, Red star & green star and Delay crackle.Video

Cloud Dragon, Green Bamboo, Yellow Bees and Big Snow
Wizards of Ahhhh

A fountain cake combination. Exploding ball of silver chrysanthemum with blue pearls to color whistling tail, then a finale of three chrysanthemum breaks! Video

28 Shot Finale

You’ll find fluttering fish, tiger tails, chrysanthemums, palms, and glittering effects with a variety of colors – red, green, blue, gold, yellow, purple, and orange. Video

Fast Times

14 Shot - Blue with red plum, white strobe with red plum, red plum with crackle, the last 2 shots V shaped go together blast red plum with Crackle. Video

Killer Cake

Brocade w/ color pearls, gold willow w/ color tips. A killer cake with awesome breaks! Video

Color Storm
Neon Nights

Effects: Red palm tree with green glittering, Yellow palm tree with gold glittering, Green palm tree with red strobe and Gold palm three with crackling Video

Black Cat 9 Lives

New products for Black Cat that features nine amazing shots, so much power in such a little box. Video

Mile Stones

A neon show of red, green and blue palm trees with gentle shower of crackling. Video

Super Stallion

A Brothers classic! One of the best deals in fireworks, Super Stallion puts on a show of color-changing breaks, crackling and report. Video

Ultimate Warrior
Straight Jacket

Effects: Yellow, pink and white glittering, Blue star, crystal gold glittering, Lemon, purple and green glittering and Crackling green star and red glittering. Video

Mobile Menace

Here’s something to talk about: alternating red and green glitter, v-shaped titanium flower tails with whistles, silver swirling tails with whistles, v-shaped crackling comet tails and five quickened shots of delayed crackling. 35 SHOTS. Video

Send it

12 Shot - Alternating shots of golden pine with purple and lemon, ending with a 4 shot fan of golden pine with crackle. Video

May Day

Blue go-getter; green go-getter; red go-getter with a giant crackling break finale. Video

Yellow Fever
Buck Hunter

Crackling tails to alternating red and green palms with delayed chrysanthemums. Video

Buck Fever

Exciting huge explosions of color with cracking and report, ending in a grand finale! Video

Loud and Nasty

Effects: Gold glittering crown and green glittering, Crackling and red glittering and Gold palm and green glittering. Video


9 Shot - Alternating shots of comet tails up to red dahlia with white strobe; green stars ending with gold chrysanthemums. Video

Happy 36s
Master Mine

Golden willow mines with glittering tails, crackling mine flowers and golden willows with crackling stars. Video

Bad Boys

Nastily good fountain starts with chrysanthemum with red stars accompanied by 3-stage erupting crackling chrysanthemum mine! Video

Cyclone Warning

200 grams – 20 shots – Swirling tails to big breaks of brocade crown, silver flying fish with blue pearls, green palms and gold flying fish. Multi color palm finale! Video

Spy Game

A classic spy novel effect with purple peonies with whtie strobe and purple peonies with time rain. Awesome! Video

Christmas Eve
Colorful Skies

25 Shots of peach, sea blue, green, teal, yellow with gold plum blossoms. Video

Colorful Whirlwind

Brocade crown with red strobe.Brocade crown with green strobe.Brocade crown with white strobe. Video

Big Color

This 9 shot, 200 gram cake has tons of punch and color! Video

Ninja Star

Red go-getter; green go-getter in turn; ending with three big shots of blue pearls with time rain. Video

Redneck Rivera

Effects: Red, blue and green pillar, Red, green and blue star with white glitter. Video

Drain Bamaged

30 shots of red dahlias with white glitter, yellow dahlias with gold glitter, a vibrant red with sky blue, and crackling.

Crackin Skulls
Black Thunder

25 Shot - Peonies with alternating strobes of white and blue with a 10 shot finale. Video


Red, green and blue tails to silver spinners then alternating red palms with white glitter and green palms with white glitter. There is six shot finale of white glitter. Video

City Crasher

Fantastic crackling streamers with huge color bursts ending with a thunderous finale. Video

Pyro Alert

Each shot gives two different effects, a mine and a break above it. The first five shots are blue mines topped with blue chrysanthemums, next five have sliver mines topped with silver chrysanthemums, then five green mines topped with green chrysanthemums, then five red mines to red chrysanthemums, then a finale of crackle mines topped crackle breaks. Video

Crackling Rainbow

Beautiful crackling streamers to fantastic explosions of rainbow to five intense finale explosions. Video

Point Break

16 Shot - Best possible fluorescent colors of pink purple orange and sea blue. Video

Jesse James

25 Shot - 5 Shots at a time with colored breaks and crackle. Video

Road Rash

7 Shot - Alternating shots of orange with green strobe and red with silver strobe ending with orange and blue crackling flower. Video

Cosmic Raider

A combination of silver tails to yellow palms with green glitter and silver tails to crackling chrysanthemums. Video

Don’t Wake Up the Bear

You will be able to see in the dark when Don't Wake Up The Bear lights up the sky. Watch this glowing z-shaped show of red, green, blue, white, yellow and purple stars with reports. Video


Orange, brocade crown, green, white strobe ends with red glittering willow. Video

Twisted Metal

Blue mine w/silver spinning flowers to blue and green falling leaves. Whistling tails to blue crackling flowers. Blue and red strobe finale. Video

Peace Out
Viper Strike

Gold wave palm with gold strobe, gold wave palm with green strobe, gold wave palm with white strobe. Video

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